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Accountflow is amongst the few players in the world focusing on outgoing accounting data. We improve efficiency by solving challenges within reconciliation. This is done by our proprietary automated processes and machine learning algorithms. We are the future of accounting! 

Finance / Accounting / EPR / BI ++


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AlgaePro produces sustainable biomass for aquaculture, nutra- & pharmaceutical, and cosmetics markets. Utilizing circular economy, our solution aim to produce biomass at a cheaper price, while at the same time taking up CO2, reducing organic waste, and opening up for synergies between established industries. We work to become a leading producer of sustainable biomass, and be a key player in feeding the world through circular bio-economy!

Aquaculture / Cosmetics / Nutraceuticals / Pharmaceuticals / 
Circular Bioeconomy / Waste-treatment / Cleantech


Logo Design

Alva offers​ rapid design and manufacturing of tailored electric motion solutions. Examples are wind turbine generators and electric motors for UAVs, cars, robotics, medical equipment, etc. Our core tech is a patented production method called FiberPrinting™. With this, we can produce electric motors and generators with lower weight and higher efficiency than traditional electric motors, in a flexible, scalable and automatic way.


Alva Industries

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The key to mastering any skill or adopting a new behaviour is training and repetition. Attensi delivers world-leading, gamified 3D simulations that make corporate training fun. This way, you can bring out your people’s full potential. Not only will competence levels rise - profitability will, too.

Corporate Training


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We provide 1) High recovery reverse osmosis technology and 2) IOT based self operating water purification and vending systems to enable communities in sub-Saharan Africa with an easy access to clean, safe and affordable drinking water. Bottled water in these regions is 200 to 1,000 times more expensive than tap water, we are making access to pure drinking water 5 times more affordable while reducing consumption of single use plastic bottles. We have created a responsible production and consumption chain that substantially reduces waste generation through preventing, reducing, recycling and reusing. With our cost effective model, we ensure safe water, good health and well being for all.

Water treatment

Aquasolis Global

Logo Design

Beyonder AS is a Norwegian energy tech company that has developed the next generation of sustainable energy storage for the heavy-duty industry sector. The products, Li-ion capacitors and supercapacitors are designed to solve crucial customer problems within selected industries such as: renewable energy grids, transportation and offshore energy infrastructure. Our technology is game changing, eco-friendly and does not require cobalt, nickel or other heavy metals. Price vs. performance is best in class with 10X extended use of life, shorter charging time, non-flammable and best in class energy response. Our first full scale plant will be up and running in Norway in 2023 with capacity to produce 5 million battery cells per year.




Bio-Me has created an innovative method for achieving highly accurate analysis results, the Precision Microbiome Profiling (PMP) Platform. PMP makes it possible to use the data from the human gut microbiome to aid medical personnel to provide timely decisions for optimal and personalized treatment for their patients. It will transform healthcare worldwide​ by providing advanced understandings of the optimal medications, improved the quality of life for each patient while lowering healthcare costs. Bio-Me’s unique technology is based on a proprietary microbiome analysis method making it possible to provide detailed and accurate analysis of hundreds of samples in less than a day, as compared to several weeks for existing competing technologies.

Life Science



Capeesh is a digital and industry-tailored language learning based on machine intelligence. The software can teach employees tailored terminology and pronunciation in a fun way, by using immersive game-design to simulate real industry situations.

The goal is to change how employers onboard and train new hires. It is all about providing the right language learning exercise in the right industry-related context, driving towards authentic use in an authentic context. This experience transfers employees work-related capacity and increases the chances of immigrants getting a job. While the problem we are solving is a language problem, the real issue we are solving is a business issue of labor dynamic. Employers are losing money because of low productivity, safety incidents and slow recruitment




CardiNor AS is a Norwegian biotech company established in June 2015 to develop and commercialise assays for secretoneurin (SN), an important new biomarker for cardiovascular disease (CVD). We are now developing an easy-to-use blood test for SN to help identify patients with heart disease who will benefit from ICD (Implantable Cardioverter defibrillator) treatment. The current technology available for measuring SN is an RIA (radioimmunoassay) not suitable for routine or clinical use. We are developing a new test based on ELISA technology that is very well established in both clinical research and routine and can easily be adopted on high-throughput platforms such as Cobas by Roche and Architect by Abbott.

In vitro diagnostics



According to IEA the capacity for handling CO2 must increase from 30 mill tonne/year to 850 tonne/year. This represent an investment cost of over 100 bill Euro. Compact Carbon Capture has developed CO2 capture equipment to significantly reduce those costs. 

Environmental process technology

Compact Carbon Solution


Crescent Housing is using an invention (pat.pend.) which allows us to use recycled plastic waste to build housing. It allows us to use up to 100% recycled plastic waste in our construction. This allows us to use the need for housing for a growing world population to battle the worlds plastic waste problem.

Circle economy / environmental technology / construction

Crescent Housing

Logo Design

Desert Control is a ClimateTech company specialized in turning arid soil and deserts into green and fertile land. Through a patented formulation process using clay and water, we create a unique compound called Liquid NanoClay (LNC). Applying LNC to arid soil and desert sand enables and enhances the soil's ability to retain water and nutrients, and can thereby turn deserts into fertile green land. The result is savings of up to 50% of irrigation water and increased yields with less strain on scarce resources. Restoring and improving soil with LNC enables land areas to withstand the harsh impact of climate change and overexploitation better.

Green Tech

Desert Control


Diffia is an e-Health innovator within the specialist health care space. We believe in designing for great user experiences for doctors and nurses, so that hospital care of patients becomes better and more efficient. By leveraging design thinking methods and AI/ML we continue to design for our solution Nimble - the intelligent clinical assistant for hospital staff and patients.




Dignio is a Norwegian healthtech company developing the software Dignio Prevent – Norway’s largest platform for remote health monitoring. Through Dignio Prevent, clinicians are able to follow the progress of patients and provide care regardless of time and place. The system works through connecting a variety of different medical devices with a user-friendly patient app, and a web portal for clinicians. Patients can measure and report vital signs and symptoms, receive medication, communicate with caregivers, and follow their own health situation - all with the peace of mind that they are closely followed-up by healthcare professionals.

With over 100 contracted municipalities in Norway, Dignio is growing fast, and we are capturing international attention for our work so far.




We believe that people presented with truthful facts make wiser decisions, moving society towards a more regenerative future. We do this by liberating facts. So our ecosystem of partners can create meaningful insights. We build a radically simple and secure sensor-to-cloud solution with the world smallest wireless sensor. The technology is unique and the possible use cases unlimited.


Disruptive Technologies


Collaboration platform based on Virtual Reality technology, allowing users to experience 3D-models rather than viewing on flat screens.



Logo Design

What we are:
A technology driven, skill-based, multi-game platform.

What we do:
We create an opportunity for eSport amateurs to enjoy the games they play and love in a unique way.
By connecting our service through API’s to games and payment solutions, we’re allowing players to participate in skill-based challenges, ranked ladders and tournaments.
By doing this we have created a judge-free, competitive zone for the ad-block generation and the perfect place for relevant brands to promote themselves.


Entilen AS / 121gameon


Folio is the bank account that does your accounting for you. We are on a mission to give entrepreneurs the confidence to start and grow a business.




We have developed a new and natural carbon capture and storage method, which uses Marine snow to remove atmospheric CO2. The GEA@275TM carbon dioxide removal technology could remove upwards of 8 billion tons CO2 annually, about 20% of the world’s yearly CO2 emissions. We have developed a new underwater survey system to quantify our CO2 removal, but this equipment will also enable researchers to sufficiently understand and calculate the CO2 budgets of the oceans. Our first product will be sale of this equipment to research vessels and ocean research institutions. Thereafter, when the GEA@275TM carbon dioxide removal technology has been tested, verified, and approved for commercialization, we can sell verified CO2 shares on the fast growing carbon markets.

Ocean research equipment / Carbon Capture and Storage /CO2 emission sales

GEA Carbon Capture


We automate the banks on-boarding process to make it safer, faster, and user-friendly. Our solution would allow any individual to effortlessly apply for a loan or a credit card, regardless of them being an existing customer or not. Additionally, we provide the bank with all the validated data they need to make an informed decision about the application. This improves the customer experience, lowers the banks customer acquisition cost and helps eliminate risk of the bank making the wrong decision. We help the bank develop new products and create personalised offers to their customers.




Grasp is a device and services for monitoring and self-reporting emotions. “A diary without words” for the mental health sector. Grasp operates in the Scandinavian countries and Western Europe. Grasp mission is to provide healthcare market with reliable digital solutions, enhance accuracy and effectiveness of medical treatment, and enable best patient experience. Our vision is to create respected digital healthcare equipment by making subjective medical history objective. We have started selling a Research Edition of the service and lined up the production line and verification process.

Health sector



Norway’s leading provider of online doctor consultations, focused on the attractive B2B segment. We deliver an Eco-system for virtual care. 1,3 - 1,5 million people have access to Eyr through insurance contracts in Norway and Denmark, we have partnership contracts with 7 insurance companies including Storebrand, Gjensidige, DNB, Gouda and Nykredit. As the first in the Nordics, Eyr launched secure vaccination service via our app in collaboration with Norway’s largest pharmacy chain, Apotek 1. With Eyr the patient have their doctor in their pockets, and have access wherever they are - when it suits the patient. We have very strong customer satisfaction (4,9), and the customer uses us several times a year.


Eyr Medical


Greenstat is a green energy company developing projects within hydrogen and local energy. The company is founded with a large ambition to become the "green Equinor" of Norway. The top company is set up to be a large energy group with a broad portfolio of subsidiaries within different areas of the green energy value chain. By now Greenstat has four subsidiaries, Greenstat Hydrogen, Greenstat Energy, Greensight and Greenstation. In addition Greenstat performs strategic investments in relevant companies that supports the overall vision of MAKING GREEN HAPPEN.

Renewable Energy



GreinDX AS is a Norwegian start-up developing proprietary liquid biopsy technology to provide instant information about number and nature of circulating tumor cells (CTC), circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA), circulating tumor antigens (CTA) and extracellular vesicles (EV) in a patient’s body fluids. This timely and accurate information will allow clinicians to provide effective individualized diagnosis and treatment for a cancer patient within hours of visiting their doctor.




We digitize and optimize the powergrid with patented sensors attached to the powerlines and a brain (software) to deliver services. We deliver max power and max control to our customers, the society and the green shift.


Heimdal Power


HOLD are engaging a generation of digital natives to ‘make it happen’ by rewarding them for putting down their phones and focusing on what’s important in their lives. Users accumulate points for the time they spend offline, which they then redeem for exclusive products, perks and experiences —driving positive, long-term habits over time. Within the first 18 months, Hold onboarded 40% of its initial target population in Norway, and have some of the largest brands in the world on the client list, such as Coca-Cola, 7-Eleven, Disney and Sky.

Productivity / Mental health / MarketingTech



HoloCap is a software tool that uses advanced algorithms for capturing volumetric video, more commonly known as “Holograms”. With the HoloCap software and a low cost depth camera, people can be captured and placed in any virtual experience (VR/AR) in real time, or as pre-recorded content. HoloCap world-class features in this emerging technology are low latency (important in communication), high quality, ease of use and most affordable tools for volumetric video content creation.

SaaS / Virtual reality / health-tech / education and more



iGT is an IoT Enterprise Software company ensuring seniors can live active and dignified lives. We detect falls with a 4x more accuracy than other automated fall systems and ensure staff at any type of senior living and nursing facility is alerted in real-time.

With an aging population and a global health workforce shortage we address the increasing need for efficiency and accuracy in remote and predictive patient management. Our solution is non-intrusive, meaning we ensure people are not monitored in unethical ways.

We leverage our experience from the Health sector to grow into other data intensive relatable verticals. The iGT platform has been tested in patient environments with as much as 500 million events per second and is designed to address the growing need for IoT applications t


iGT Technology


MIXMOVE's cloud solution for logistics connects to all existing system throughout the supply chain and makes them talk.

Systems are currently optimized for local operations and any sharing of information goes via phone or email. We makes it possible to share data throughout the entire network and optimize processes and give full visibility. This digitization in itself creates great value for the entire industry.

However, our uniques capability is to break down shipments to parcel level, and rather than sending goods on "ugly" pallets from origin to end, which currently results in less than half full trucks and containers. We utilize this available capacity and have reduced 3Ms EMEA emissions by 50% and their cost by 35% by increasing their fill rates from 31% to over 90%.




Kitemill develop and delivers the next generation wind turbines, Airborne Wind Energy (AWE). The airborne wind energy kite is able to generate power exploiting the strong and consistent wind from 300 m. Further:
• LCOE from c€4.1/kWh to c€2.8/kWh by 2030
• A high capacity factor of at least 50%. Conventional wind turbines is 32%.
• 90% reduction of materials compared to conventional wind turbines
• 60% lower CAPEX compared to wind turbines
• Stable power production from consistent wind reduces costs for net balancing and energy storage and strengthen delivery security.
• Minimal terrestrial footprint due to Vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) system


Renewable Energy



Lifekeys is a mental health tech company providing data driven and accessible psychological solutions to businesses and individuals.

Lifekeys aims to be the leading provider of online mental health solutions in Europe.

Digital health



Voice user interface has exploded and voice is the fastest growing market in technology today. Speech is the fundamental means of human communication and we believe that voice is the most natural and most powerful way to communicate.
We believe that there is so much more to voice interfaces than just transferring words to text and understanding their meaning. Our voices are complex and are full of information. Voice Biometric and the statistical approach have existed for almost 15 years but we are focusing on the acoustic side and using deep neural networks and artificial intelligence to detect unique characteristics within your voice. We can, in both frase dependent and frase independent identify you regardless of content, language, dialect and grammar.


My Voice AI


Norront Fusion Energy has developed a new way to harness the energy from Hydrogen by annihillation processes. Annihilation is the universe most efficient process to convert mass to energy. ​ Through annihilation we convert Hydrogen to Muons 1000 times more efficient than todays Muon facilities for direct conversion to electricity or for Muon catalyzed fusion reactors.Our reactors converts Hydrogen to charged particles and Muons for energy systems. Muons can be used in a wide range of applications, non destructive analysis, study properties of new compund materials or to drive Muon Catalyzed Fusion.

Energy / Hydrogen / Fusion

Norront Fusion Energy


Our mission is to provide the worlds deepest and most up-to-date information, on surface water resources. By combining the of use of in-situ data, AI and satellite measurement we provide data and water related business intelligence for clients in the commodity markets. Our vision is to become the leading provider of space-borne analytics on Earths natural resources.



Logo Design

No Isolation makes inclusion easy. By developing warm technology that ensures participation and belonging for its users, No Isolation aims to reduce world wide loneliness.

Health / Robotics

No Isolation

Logo Design

Healthy energy drinks. Power to the people


Norwegian Energy

Logo Design

Fully automed and gamified personal Finance and wealth management experience.



Logo Design

Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness among working age adults. If detected early, the treatment is effective, but the challenge is the patient doesn´t notice vision loss, and when noticed it´s often too late save save the sight.
Oivi develops an intelligent camera which automates image capture and performs diagnostics on the device through embedded machine learning. Deployed in primary care, allowing for early warning of retinal disease, so early treatment can be given, preventing blindness.
Sold as a service, with India as first market.



Logo Design

ONiO is medical device company with grand ambitions. Dedicated to develop and manufacture innovative healthcare products by tailoring smart sensor and radio technology into ultra low power solutions not requiring a battery, we are changing the way we record and utilise data in healthcare. With our first product, a continuous, wireless and comfortable way of monitoring fever in children, we target the shortest path to revenue. This product alone represent large markets for scaling, and will be the first in a long line of products.

Medical Devices


Logo Design

PARC’s vision is to become the world’s largest real state digitalizer and lead the transition to sustainable mobility services around the globe.

Our product is a peer-to-peer shared parking marketplace.
The app allows owners to make extra money with their asset and it allows drivers to save time and money.
We make garages phone-accessible so the all transaction works smoothly without keys
While the opportunity might seem already explored, only a very few companies in Europe are focusing on P2P spots. The vast majority of parking apps have a B2B BM with off-street parking and public garages.
We launched in October 2018 and already show promising metrics.
Our venture is backed by the founders of MásMóvil (€2.5Bn) and Adyen (€25Bn).

Mobility / Logistics / Shared Economy / IOT 


Logo Design
Logo Design

Our mission is to help stop plastic pollution by leading the way by exporting our eco-friendly water Pure Blue of Norway. Our packaging is 82% plant based and has a footprint which is 74% less than a plastic bottle. Our oceans are being killed by plastic and someone has to lead the way. We also have a partner in WATERisLIFE which is a non-profit organisation securing safe drinking water for children in need in 46 countries. For every bottle being sold they will have more funds to save more children. So there are two very good reasons why everyone should buy Pure Blue of Norway instead of plastic water. 1-Save the oceans from plastic pollution. 2-Help saving children's lives.

Water Industry - Secondary sector

Pure Export

Logo Design

We do research and development within the field of Machine Learning and Quantitative Finance, based on our own-developed techonology. Product portfolio:
- Quant/AI powered robo advisory engine
- Deep Alpha: Quant research and decision making support platform
- Quantfolio Asset management: AI/Quant fund with 25m€ AUM




Building a global social safety net, that includes health, disability and pensions for remote workers and remote companies.

Insurance and government



On the water nobody knows if you are in danger or where you are.

When away from your boat you don't know if your boat is safe, and it takes time to physically check.

If something happens on the water you want to be found quickly. If something is happening to your boat you want to be notified immediately.

SmartBoat ONE is an advanced surveillance system that continuously monitors your boat at harbour and at sea. It is built for challenging Norwegian conditions, can run for months on its own battery, is east to install, and requires no maintenance.

SmartBoat ONE - Smart and safe, connecting boats with people

Maritime (Pleasure Boats)



Sixty specializes in interactive TV experiences by overlaying dynamic content on top of existing TV streaming services. Sixty delivers a cloud service, Ease Live, which enables TV to become interactive, targeted and personalized - all in the hands of the end users. Ease Live retains the user in front of the screen (up to 50% longer), increases user engagement (up to 45%) and enables the industry to deliver premium offerings which reduces churn and creates new revenue opportunities. Launched with the NBA on a worldwide distribution, scales to millions of users while also gathering valuable user behaviour data. Sixty is now in discussions with major industry players worldwide and is looking to expand with the right partners.

Media sector



GrepS is introducing the new standard to measure software engineering skills for developers and teams. With the help of our test platform, developers can demonstrate the ability to solve real-life programming task on actual production code in a full-fledged development environment, with access to all tools normally used when coding. Powered by our predictive measurement models rooted in 15 years of empirical research we measure and benchmark software engineering skills and predict work performance. By doing what we do, we help the entire ecosystem by expanding the developer talent pools globally, identifying skill gaps, democratizing opportunities, and saving everyone's time.

Developer Tools

GrepS (prev. Technebies)


Teston is taking the hassle out of user testing with a platform for remote, unmoderated user testing. Allowing businesses to increase sales, retention, NPS through helping them create products users actually want and need.

Companies can test their digital products, ads and services with local users, and with the test findings make more informed decisions




Tidal Sails AS brings to market a groundbreaking technology to extract kinetic energy from slow moving rivers, tidal streams and ocean currents by combining the ancient principles of ocean sailing with state of the art alpine ropeway technology, to produce low cost electricity - ”ambitious and groundbreaking” according to EU evaluators.

Renewable energy (tidal)

Tidal Sails


Trixit designs and manufactures «intelligent» and educational building blocks. The Trixit cubes will be programmable via a smartphone, and have audiovisuals and sensors. Trixit can be used in a professional setting as a tool in kindergartens, schools and institutions. Trixit can also be used for private applications as an interactive tool for learning etc.

Educational - children



Vake automatically detects dark ships in satellite images. Ships that turn their AIS (ship tracking system) off commonly do so because they want to perform some illicit activity, such as illegal fishing, smuggling or covert military operations. With multispectral satellite images it is possible to apply deep neural networks to automatically detect and classify ships, ship sizes and direction, including dark vessels.

Vake will help:
- Create and independent control of the AIS
- Identify hotspots for dark vessels
- Identify areas exposed to spoofing attacks - as AIS is GPS-based, matching erroneous, spoofed AIS messages with the true location of the same vessels found in satellite images




VIBBIO is a storytelling and communication platform – leveraging the power of video creation. Professional video is no longer just for the experts. With VIBBIO, the entire organisation can create brand-controlled video content at scale, in minutes - which is perfect for communicating key messages to customers and colleagues quickly and easily.



Wheel-me.jpg develops and commercializes the world's first autonomous wheel - Genius. The solution helps people improve the way they live and work by enabling everything indoors to move effortlessly on small and cost-effective embedded robots (smart wheels). Anything can be transformed into a robotic device with minimal effort without the need to change the design or form factor. Led by serial entrepreneur, Atle Timenes, a multi-professional and growing team of 13 full-time staff is driving technical and commercial progress. is currently delivering paid pilots to a series of Fortune 500 companies. Commercial sale of a mechanical product is already ongoing. Already VC-backed, is looking to raise Series A in 4Q2019.


Logo Design

ZData offers products that automate payments for businesses, which replace manual accounting practices and provide businesses with financial overview. We are the link between banks and the accounting systems and handle large amounts of transactions on a daily basis. ZData has launched a leading Bank API for all banks in the Nordic countries for businesses. Since its launch, the API has been used by several ERP systems, fintechs and even banks. The ZData Banking API is the only API in the Nordic region that offers payment initiation that actually meets the needs of businesses. In addition to initiating payments, the API offers account information, direct debit and much more.




ZTL Payment Solution is a B2B Payment-as-a-Service (PaaS) FinTech start-up that challenge the banks Transactional Banking Services and their domain on corporate domestic and international payments and remittances. Our global payments solution is built on smart technology utilizing PSD2. We enable clever integration into ERP systems, banks and other FinTech’s thru our API building blocks to build customized payment solutions. We do not have an App or Website. We implement our solution into ERP and bank systems thru a systems update.


ZTL Payment Systems


And more . . .

Horizons Ventures has also selected a handful of other companies that did not apply. We will announce these once confirmed.

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