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Could Norway Build a Unicorn?

(From Forbes:) "Traditionally famous for its oil and gas supplies, unrivaled fishing industry, and having one of the highest standards of living in the world, Norway has hit the headlines for an entirely different reason in the last couple of years: as the latest startup hotspot to watch.

Norway’s emergence onto the startup scene hasn’t come out of nowhere. The Norwegian government has deliberately focused on building up the tech industry through investment and promotion, in a bid to move the economy away from its reliance on a handful of traditional industries. In doing so, entrepreneurship has caught on in a big way, with young people for the first time considering a career in startups, rather than big industry. 

The figures show the strategy is working and momentum is building fast. Startup investment grew 76.3% in the first half of 2018, and 30 new scaleups were added to the count as of September last year. Now, as the ecosystem becomes more established, ambitions are rapidly rising too, with founders and investors starting to think about what comes next. And the question on everybody’s lips is: Could Norway build its own unicorn—a tech startup founded after 2000 with valuations over $1 billion?"


Read the full article on Forbes.


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