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Presenting Companies: Get ready!!!

Wow! We are so incredibly happy and proud to have SOOOO many amazing companies in Norway, and to be able to welcome you all to the Acceler8. Game Changers Investor Summit 2019. The Electorate selected 40 companies. Horizons Ventures selected 61 companies that they want to meet privately. The overlap is 26 companies that have been selected by both!

This first summit of its kind in Norway, and we hope to make it an annual event to connect the game changers of Norway with leading national and international investors. A highly curated space that is super attractive for those seeking the next big companies.

You have received MANY emails - we know - so this post is attempting to summarize all the information in one place. It will be a long post, so please bear with us!



This afternoon/evening will kick off the summit. The City of Bergen and the Mayor invites you to the historic King Håkons Hall for a reception with drinks, food and great mingling. After the reception we all head to Radisson Blu Hotel (very close by) for the First Tuesday event.

Important details:

  • Plan to be in the city center of Bergen by 5 PM

  • Dress code = business casual



This is the day when the 40 companies selected by The Electorate presents from stage and meets with investors. It will be an intense day starting at 9 AM and running til late. The program is as follows:

9 AM - 5 PM:

Four 2-hour segments of 10 companies. First one hour where the companies present from stage, and then one hour where each company will get a private meeting room where they can welcome the investors for conversations, further presentations/demos and Q&A. For the stage presentation you will have 4 minutes to present, followed by 1-2 questions from investors moderating the session.

Simultaneously the demo floor will also be up, and we will have a support desk / concierge service to help connect companies and investors looking for each other.

There will also be TWO seminars on financial modeling (for entrepreneurs) lead by Escalon - a leading CFO/finance company specialized on supporting scale-ups up-up-up. What do you need to know and prepare for if you are raising funding internationally? What are many Norwegian companies currently doing wrong?

5-8 PM

Drinks, food and mingling. BKK Spring and Argentum invites everyone to a private party in the Media Lab.

8 PM - late

More drinks and mingling for those who want at a cool bar in town (more info soon).

Important details:

  • If you have a demo stand, plan to be at Media City Bergen by 08:00 at latest to set up.

  • If you are presenting this day, make sure to have prepared and submitted what you are asked to do. You will be sent information on the exact slot you are programmed for by October 18th. Please take a seat in the front row of Atlantis (auditorium) at least 15 minutes before your program block is.



Today Horizons will have private meetings with the 61 companies they selected. The meetings take place between 10 AM and 3 PM. The formate is as follows: Horizons has split their investment team in five teams of three members according to sector. Each meeting is scheduled to last approx 15 minutes, and you are asked to prepare an initial pitch / introduction (5-8 minutes) and then there will be a Q&A section. Within two weeks or so after the summit Horizons Ventures will follow up with selected companies if the investment team sees a potential way to work together.

Today there is also the conference where the founders of leading Horizons Ventures portfolio companies speak in addition to interesting panels and talks on venture and opportunities in Norway.

Important details:

  • If you are one of the 61 companies selected by Horizons, make sure to (1) meet in the assigned waiting room minimum 15 minutes before your meeting (you will get information about when your meeting is scheduled by October 18th), and (2) be prepared.

  • If you have a demo stand, this is still up and open this day. Make sure to pack down by 5 PM.

  • And enjoy the conference! Absolutely amazing speakers are presenting.

  • The program is finished at 4 PM, so feel free to book flights, trains or whatever you choose to leave any time after that.



  • To schedule a session with Antler/Uromaker for pitch training (the 40 companies presenting from stage). Check your email!

  • To send in your deck in due time (otherwise you will NOT have any slides on stage)

  • To submit the text and photos for the summit magazine. Deadline is Friday October 4th!!! This is a GREAT place to showcase yourself and give the investors the needed details to get in touch.



  • Arrive on Oct 22nd by 5 PM (in city center)

  • Suggested hotels: Bergen Børs, Hotell Ørnen, Hotell Norge (but all hotels in city center will work well)

  • Depart after 4 PM on October 24th

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