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FOR SALE: BOOKS/MANUSCRIPTS/Journals Thursday, 20 August 2018 13:00 Hello, I am writing to seek your advice. We are relocating and need to sell and/or give away certain books/manuscripts/journals. You see, my parents and family were Holocaust survivors and through their many struggles and accomplishments, they were able to create a new life for themselves in the United States. Sadly, my parents passed away some years ago and my siblings, especially my father's first and youngest son, did not know what happened to their mother and father, including the details of their death. Although they knew the approximate dates and places, they did not have much information about their death, survival or years of suffering and deportation. Due to what I know about what happened to them, I have not told any of my siblings until now about their past and the details of their Holocaust experience. Most of them have now found out that I am writing this book and for many reasons, I am seeking the advice of you, dear readers, to do what I am suggesting here. Specifically, what would be your recommendation? My goal is to help my father's siblings get back what they have lost. I am willing to take a portion of the sale of the books/manuscripts/journals to help facilitate the process and in the meantime, to pay for the various costs that they may incur. I will include a letter from myself in the package. Is this acceptable? What is the process to follow? Will there be a specific waiting period for a response? Thank you very much for your help. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, John Wednesday, 15 July 2018 20:21 Hello, I am seeking your advice. I am writing to seek your advice. I am a Holocaust survivor and my parents were brought to Auschwitz and murdered. My father was a farmer in Poland. When he was about to be gassed, he hid in a nearby forest and never went back to farm the land. I was born in 1943. My siblings and I know that my father survived, but we know nothing about what happened to him after that. I am seeking your help to learn about him. He may be able to help me to find information about my parents and their death and/or his. I want to find out about them. I am seeking your help. I was not aware of what happened to




Silsila Movie Download In 3gp 16

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