What investors will come?

Horizons Ventures will be joining with their full investment team. BKK Spring will be there. As will a number of other investors. The Summit has just been announced, and invitations are starting to go out in August. We expect a full house of investors investing at all stages.

If you are an investor who want to join - pre-register now.

Will all startups be able to pitch for Horizons?

Yes and no. Horizons special pitching session is reserved for companies hand-picked by Horizons. The full investment team will attend, and companies they want to move forward with will immediately have private meetings with members of the team. Six meeting rooms are reserved for these meetings. Horizons special pitching session is closed for the media and most other investors, but startup founders are invited to join. It will be a unique learning experience.

That said, representatives from Horizons will be present for the full event, so you can rest assured that Horizons will attend your pitch. Horizons will also have access to all applications, and will select a number of early stage companies they want to follow moving forward. Even if your company is not at the stage Horizons invests in yet, it is an opportunity for you to possition yourself for future investments.

What companies are Horizons looking for?

Horizons Ventures invests in the growth stages of companies. Series A (in international terms) and above. They are especially focussed on deep tech and companies with an impact driven mission. Take a look at their website to learn about their portfolio companies. The best way to see if you are a fit, is to see what they have already invested in.

How do I apply to pitch?

Early August the call for applications will be announced. If you pre-register now, you'll be the first to know. The application form will include a number of questions about your company: Founding date, team, investments to date, main investor, founder and staff stock etc, as well as general questions about your company, mission and vision.

I have a great idea, but no company yet. Can I pitch my idea?

Only registered companies at different stages will be invited to pitch, but you should attende the event to meet with entrepreneurs and investors to learn more about starting a company and securing investment.

Is this a one time event?

Good question! We don't know yet, but hopefully this will become an annual event introducing more and more international investors to the booming Norwegian startup scene. The Investor Summit this year is being hosted as a result of Horizons choosing Norway as their destination for their annual TechCracker bringing together the investment team and the founders of their portfolio companies. This is a closed event not open to the public which will take place October 25-27). In every destination Horizons chooses for their TechCracker, the investment team spends time scouting for exciting opportunities. Together with Horizons and supported by BKK Spring we decided to make a smaller Horizons pitching event into a two-day investor summit. Norwegian startups needs access to more capital - and especially growth capital - and with Horizons coming here with their full team, it seemed like a perfect way to kickstart an event bringing international capital to Norway and unleashing more national risk capital.

With a successful summit we can be certain that the word about our booming startup scene will spread globally.

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